3 Fashion Fails You Should NOT Take Away from Prada’s Spring 2017 Show

Prada’s Spring 2017 show in Milan was entertaining and fabulous, with rainbow lighting, chrome, and mirrors making it a feast for the eyes. The stage was designed beautifully, so models walked out onto the runway, past the audience, turned, and then walked up a ramp and back offstage. Unfortunately, the fashions were bizarre, with the models looking more like college kids off on a camping trip than models at one of the world’s most celebrated fashion events. Here are a few things that you should NOT incorporate into your life based on their display at the show.

Disco Makeup

disco makeup

Fleeing from the comfortable neutral tones that have dominated eye makeup for the last few years, Prada chose to deck models up in clown colors. The pink and blue did absolutely nothing good for the pasty skin that just happened to pretty much match her hair. The result basically looked like the model didn’t sleep for a week. If you feel like you need to look like you got a little less sleep, but all means put pink eye shadow below your eyes and royal blue or dark silver on your upper lids.