3 Reasons to Totally Avoid Babouche Shoes When Spring Shopping

If you have seen spring 2016 fashion shows at all, you have likely spied a few babouche shoes come to the forefront in a big way. These shoes are all over the place right now, in fashion magazines, on runways, in shows. Pretty soon they will invade the malls and before you know it, they will be in clubs and bars near you. When you are doing your spring shopping and getting ready for the warmer months, we implore you to AVOID this craze like the plague for the following reasons:

  1. Babouche Shoes Are Ugly

ugly babouche

To say babouche shoes are ugly is actually a pretty large understatement. Even articles proclaiming them to be the new “it” shoe talk about an ugly shoe fetish. With absolutely no lift and absurdly pointed toes, these shoes really fall flat. As a result, you may look loafy and dwarfish no matter what you wear with them.

  1. They Are Informal, but Also Inefficient

sequined babouche shoes

Okay, so the shoes do score points for comfort. They go on like a slipper and don’t make you hold your body weight on pressure points in your feet. That said, they are not as comfortable as say actual slippers and do not score points for efficiency at all. Despite their informal nature, you cannot run in these shoes, nor do any other activities that may put strain on your ankles because there is no ankle support.

  1. They Are Terrible for Weather of Any Kind

babouche shoes animal print

If it rains while you are wearing babouche shoes, your feet are getting wet. If it snows, your feet are going to freeze. If it’s muddy, your shoes may just come off and you are likely to have mud up to your shins. Even if it’s warm and sunny and you decide to go to the beach, your shoes are getting sandy and are not easy to wash off. So when’s a good time to wear these? We say never.