3 Trendy Ways to Do Your ‘Do – with a Bandana

Bandanas are super trendy right now and can really add some flair to your get-up. Whether you prefer a traditional red paisley bandana or a fluorescent pink one that accents your outfit, a bandana can make your hairdo pop. There are about a million things that you can do with a bandana, but we have highlighted just a few of our faves below.

Fifties Knot with Long Hair

50s knot 1

A fifties knot keeps your hair out of your face but lets it hang long in back. It looks vintage and can add a different appeal depending on what type of bandana you select. To do a fifties knot, fold the bandana diagonally, then begin folding until you have a long strip that’s about three to four inches wide. Part your hair in the center and then place the bandana on the back of your head over your hair, tying it in the front. Pull your hair back from each side of the part in front, bringing it up over the bandana and tucking it in.

Head Wrap with Bangs


If your hair is short to medium in length and you have bangs, you may just love this ‘do. It’s very convenient when you are going to be active throughout the day, keeping your hair in place with style. To start, fold the bandana diagonally. Pull your hair up and wrap the fat part of the bandana around the back of your head, pulling the point of the bandana up and over the crown of your head. Tie the three points together in the front and make an attractive bow just above your bangs.

Frame a Big Messy Bun

messy bun frame

If you have medium to long hair, it can be nice to get your hair out of your face by putting it in a bun. Make it a fun bun by getting a colorful bandana and wrapping it around and around the bun, tying it on top it a big bow. This look is great for a night on the town or a day doing yardwork, it’s versatile, cute, and convenient.