3 Ways Thrifting Has Changed the Fashion Scene

The fashion scene is a little different now than it was 20 years ago. An economic recession and environmental consciousness have worked together with changing tastes and trends to bring about the rise of thrifting. Thrifting is no longer a practice reserved for frugal grannies, but an activity joyfully participated in by roaming bands of fashion-forward young men and women. With the rise of thrifting, the fashion scene has changed in a few ways.

Conformity is No Longer in Vogue


Once upon a time, every fashionista had to have the hippest new style of shirt and shorts. Now, going to the party with the same skirt as someone else is considered a fashion faux pas. While certain colors and styles may make it to the spotlight for a few weeks, as soon as something begins to be considered “trendy” it has pretty much passed its prime.