4 Eyeliner Tricks to Master

The first and most important part of doing amazing tricks with your eyeliner is to buy the right kind of eyeliner. A high quality liquid liner will make your life much easier when you are trying to shape the lines around your eyes, will last longer through the day or night, and will look fresher and sharper to begin with. After you have found your perfect liquid liner, try these gorgeous eyeliner tricks:

Dramatic Cat Eye


The dramatic cat eye is extremely popular right now and can make anyone’s eyes look larger, brighter, and more beautiful. To start, trace the liquid liner across your lash line. Keep the line very thin towards the nose and slightly thicker towards the outside of the face. Go back and smooth it out after the initial trace so that it forms a gradual arch. Next, bring it out on the side of your eyes, bringing it up towards the eyebrows. Curve it and play to get your ideal shape. Clean it up with makeup remover on a Q-tip as needed.

Mod Eye


Mod is all about making your eyes look natural, but beautiful. The mod style eyeliner looks best with mod style shadow, so consider following up with mod shadow. To do mod line, start off by tracing your bottom lash line on the inside with white eyeliner. Use your black eyeliner on the top, keeping the line thin on both side and slightly thicker in the middle. Bring the line out just a little past the corner of the eye. Fill in the line and clean it up to get just the look you want.

Very Natural Eye


To get a very natural look, work carefully and line your eyes in between your lashes, rather than above them. Have makeup remover and Q-tips handy, because it is easier to go outside of the line and will be obvious. Keep the line as tight as possible to your lash line and follow up with mascara.

Heavy Lidded Eye


Thicker liner makes your eye look heavier and a little sultry. The get the thick line right, start off by placing dots over your upper lash line. Trace the dots and go over the line a few times until it is just right. Don’t line the bottom lid, as this may make your eyes look smaller.