Active Hairstyles That Won’t Leave You Looking a Mess

When you’re out running around, hiking trails, or busting your tail at the gym, you still want to look a little fly. Unfortunately, most ‘dos end up looking like don’ts by the end of your session or by the time that you get back from running errands. If you are a mover and shaker, but you want your hair to stay looking hot, try these styles.

Big Chunky Braids


A few big braids will stay in through even the most active workouts, keeping your hair out of your way and neatly in place. You can do one French braid, one side braid, or a few that keep your hair tight and don’t let it swing. You may encounter a few fly-aways by the end of your session, but if you take your hair out at that point it will be beautifully waved.