Active Hairstyles That Won’t Leave You Looking a Mess

When you’re out running around, hiking trails, or busting your tail at the gym, you still want to look a little fly. Unfortunately, most ‘dos end up looking like don’ts by the end of your session or by the time that you get back from running errands. If you are a mover and shaker, but you want your hair to stay looking hot, try these styles. Big Chunky Braids A few big … [Read more...]

Leggings That You Just Have to Get Your Hands On for Fall

Leggings aka yoga pants have moved from a fashion “maybe” to a staple of many women’s wardrobes. Leggings are not-too-hot, not-too-cool, so they are absolutely perfect for fall. They are also super versatile, you can wear them with preppy shirts and look business casual, t-shirts and look flat-out casual, or a tank top and be gym ready. As we ease out of the hot days of summer … [Read more...]

Dark Days: Tasteful Beauty Tips for Funerals

Going to a funeral is difficult, especially if you were very close to the person that passed away. Figuring out the acceptable dress and makeup can add an extra layer of discomfort and stress. Taking the steps to make yourself look presentable while honoring your lost loved one can help to get you moving and make you feel a little better, though. Seeing all of your family and … [Read more...]