Bet You Didn’t Know That These 3 Things Are Destroying Your Hair

There are a few things that are pretty much universally known when it comes to hair care, like shampooing just a few times per week, limiting the amount of product that you put into your hair, and getting regular trims to keep the split ends down. However, there are a whole host of things that you never would have suspected are damaging your tresses as you go about your day.

Letting Your Purse Strap Tug Your Hair


When we carry a purse on a strap on our shoulder, we often do so because we are in a hurry, so we don’t make sure that we pull our hair out of the way before letting the strap fall. The friction between the purse strap and our shoulder as the strap holds our hair in place can cause hair to pull out and become broken. Over time, this may result in you having thinner hair on one side than the other.