Revive Your Face Between Work and Party

images (1)As your social calendar fills up for the rest of December in honor of the holiday season, you’ll realize rather quickly how creative you’re going to have to be in order to look your most ravishing throughout all of these engagements. For the Christmas parties that fall on Saturday or Sunday, it will of course be easy to make your usual gorgeous entrance when you have hours to prepare at home. But, what about those drinks with friends on a Tuesday after work, or that Thursday night ornament party you need to attend right after a day at the office? Well, bring along some party clothes, change in the bathroom at work, and be prepared with a few quick tips to revive your face and make it party ready.


Carry some toner in a small spray bottle. Use it to lightly mist your face with toner, using a tissue to pat your skin. This will remove all oil from your face and refresh your face. Cover with a dusting of powder and your skin will look freshly washed and party ready. This same translucent powder is great to sprinkle on your roots if your hair is feeling greasy after a long day. Sprinkle with some powder on roots and run a brush through your hair to revive it and give it that freshly styled look. If your hair has gone frizzy instead of greasy, get your hands damp with water and a tiny bit of lotion. Run your fingers through your hair and twist it into a French twist. Pull it down after about 10 minutes and you’ll be frizz free and ready to party. Be sure to carry eyeliner, lipstick and concealer for under your eyes to get an instant makeover anytime.

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  1. charlotte clair says:

    thanks for the tips!

  2. what good advice! i never would have thought to put powder on my hair to stop it from looking greasy

  3. Rebecca1989 says:

    These hair tips will really come in handy

  4. Genius!

  5. Great Tips! Very good thinking!

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