Check Out Covergirl’s ‘Catching Fire’ Makeup Line

download (11)The “Hunger Games” movies only seem to be getting more exciting and more popular with each release, just as the books did when they were released. And one of the coolest things about these phenom books being brought to life on the silver screen is seeing the real-life realizations of the many futuristic looks worn by the eclectic citizens of the world of Panem. The clothing, hair and makeup choices made by the more outrageous character have moved beyond our imaginations and onto the screen for all to see and enjoy. And you just had to know that these cool looks would inspire some real-life trends.


The creative minds at Covergirl have jumped all over this trend and have come up with their “Capitol Beauty Studio,” which allows “Hunger Games” fans to buy makeup collections that include everything they need to be able to look like one of the futuristic citizens of Panem. Covergirl has created a different color palette and theme for each of the 12 Districts in the world of the “Hunger Games” and each theme is based on the theme of each fictional district such as luxury, fishing, agriculture, mining, technology, etc. The one thing each collection has in common, though, is Covergirl’s use of bold, bright colors and products for eyes, lips and nails that go on easily, look great, and last all day.

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  1. they are smart to cash in on that.

  2. Wow, these are some crazy looks

  3. not gonna be rockin these looks any time soon

  4. i love the metallic makeup

  5. some of these styles are great, some not so much

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