Stiletto Nails Make a Sharp Point

download (7)Some beauty trends seem like total naturals and make complete sense the second you see them. Others leave you scratching your head and wondering how and WHY women would adopt that look. And if you’re currently working the beauty trend in question, stiletto nails, you might want to be really careful if you decide to scratch your head. Once you’ve seen stiletto nails it’s easy to see where they got their name. These nails are long, pointed and deadly looking, just like their namesake stiletto heels.


The stiletto nail trend began the same way many trends begin, by showing up on celebrities around the world. Last year trend-setting stars such as Rihanna, Fergie and Lady Gaga showed up at events rocking impossibly long, sharpened (most probably) fake nails that looked more like talons than fingernails. The trend was understandably slow to catch on in the real world because stars like Rihanna and Gaga don’t have to type on a keyboard, care for a baby or wash dishes in these ridiculously long nails. Those of us who have to actually use our fingers regularly as we get through the day shied away from the trend for a long while. But now the stiletto trend is showing up far more often and all sorts of women are proudly wearing their long sharpened and marvelously painted claws. Are stilettos right for you?

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  1. I used to do my natural nails like that, but I find that the flatter top with rounded edges looks nicer.

  2. ugly!

  3. Veronica Boyd says:

    That picture belongs in Underworld or something, terrifying

  4. Awful pointing nails!

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