Taking the Puffiness Out of Parkas

download (2)Every once in a while fashion and function come together in just the right way and at just the right time. This winter there was a fashion trend toward winter coats that are as warm and protective as the thick parkas or down coats of yesterday without all the bulk. We had no idea when that fashion trend took hold that it would be so incredibly useful during this winter which has turned out to be one of the coldest on record. If you’ve got one of these coats and you’re able to stay toasty and warm but you’re also able to drive your car or ride the subway without feeling like you take up as much space as a 7-foot tall linebacker, then you too are likely very thankful for this trend.


For the longest time, savvy fashionistas everywhere chose fashion over function when faced with buying a winter coat. Even if they lived in a place where snow and freezing temps are the norm for many months, many women wouldn’t buy an ugly bulky parka that was going to mess up the look of their adorable outfit, no matter how warm it was going to keep them. Now we don’t have to choose. Winter coat designers like Patagonia and Lands’ End have taken the puff out of the puffy coat, leaving us with streamlined versions that are figure hugging, super duper cute and, best of all, warm, warm, warm! These lightweight parkas are padded with quilt and down that is just as warm as those bulky old coats and you’re actually going to want to wear these coats just to look cute.

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  1. Rayna Fray says:

    So glad that they came out with these.

  2. It is great to have a stylish coat that is so warm

  3. It is so much easier to drive without all the bulkiness

  4. Loving this! Finally!

  5. So glad I don’t have to worry about big coats here in Florida

  6. My best friends of this season!! lol

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