We’re Seeing Super Straight Hair in Paris

download (4)If your arms are getting more than a bit sore from rolling your hair up into giant rollers and then back combing it out to give yourself that super trendy big hair full of waves and volume, then there’s some really good beauty trend news that you might just love. Fashion week exploded in Paris this past week, officially kicking off the year with remarkable style. And while there were plenty of incredible clothes to see, just as you’d expect, it was what the models WEREN’T wearing on top of their heads that turned the beauty world on its ear.


It looks as though the ‘80s-esque big hair trend that has dominated the world of beauty for a couple seasons will officially be coming to an end for the spring/summer season of 2014. We know that beauty trends tend to swing from one extreme to the other and Paris fashion week made it clear that hair has gone from puffy to sleek. The models in shows for some of the top designers including Chloe, Ellie Saab and Donna Karan all wore their hair pin straight in super sleek, long hairstyles. And just like that, the ‘80s resurgence is over and another ‘70s resurgence has occurred in the world of hair. So put away those giant rollers, ladies, and plug in those flat irons to get ready for spring.

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  1. i like the straight hair look better

  2. The girl in the pic has beautiful hair, wish I could get mine like that!

  3. Time to break out the old straightener again

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