Zuhair Murad Is Crowned King of Texture in Paris

download (8)It’s about time we all come to accept something that fashionista Jennifer Lopez has known for a while now – Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad is a force to be reckoned with and the sooner we all get with the program the sooner we can all start wearing his incredible designs. Murad recently capped off the already amazing Paris Spring/Summer Couture week, and while people thought they’d been wowed throughout the week, they found they had a few extra “WOWs!” left over to throw Mr. Murad’s way.


A lot of people compare Zuhair Murad’s style to that of Elie Saab, and it’s a comparison that doesn’t really bother Murad one bit. After all, there are worse designers to be compared to than the inventive and stylish Saab. But Murad proved with this recent Paris show that he is definitely his own designer with gowns that the world’s biggest fashion icons will likely be clamoring to wear on the red carpet. Murad’s couture gowns are not only styled in classically gorgeous cuts that make any woman look beautiful, but this particular collection also has plenty of pieces with touches of gorgeous texture that make each dress pop. Each individual dress in the collection is more incredible than the last and Murad is showing himself to be a master of texture with embellishments that turn each piece from a dress into a work of art.

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  1. that dress is incredible!

  2. I just love Zuhair Murad

  3. the dresses are pretty, but they look kid of like props to me. i dont know when i would wear them in real life

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