Kardashians Starting a Kids Line

download (3)If there’s one sentence you say more than any other it’s probably this – “I need to hurry up and get married and have kids so I can dress them more like Kardashians!” Am I right? I’m right, aren’t I? Well, you’re in luck, because whenever you’re ready to get started on your own little gaggle of fashionistas you can do so knowing that the kiddie version of all the best Kardashian gear will be here waiting for them. After Kourtney Kardashian became a mother of two and now that Kim has given birth to baby North who is bound to be a tiny fashion plate thanks to her parents being Kimmie K. and Kanye West, it only seems like a natural next step for the Kardashians to launch a children’s clothing line.


And that is exactly what they’ve done. The Kardashian sisters have expanded their fashion line empire by announcing the upcoming line called simply, “Kardashian Kids.” The trio of sisters – Kim, Kourtney and Khloe shared the big news with E!, the network that is home to their reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The girls have had plenty of success with their line of clothing for grown women, which has sold quite well at Sears and this is the next natural step. The Kardashian girls said the clothing line will feature soft and plush blankets and clothes made in fun patterns like leopard prints and shirts and dresses full of ruffles and lace.

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  1. Rachael J says:


  2. leave the poor children out of this

  3. shameless kardashians

  4. Veronica Shwartz says:

    How cute! Love their clothing line.

  5. I love it! I need to do some shopping!

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