Let Victoria’s Secret Give You Angel Soft Skin

download (8)Whenever I see the remarkably beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angels strut their stuff down the catwalk at their annual show I’m struck by two thoughts. One, I want to own everything they’re wearing, and two, I want to know how they get such gorgeous SKIN. Sure, sure, I know, they’re Angels, duh. They’ve got flawless skin. And what isn’t flawless is made so by a team of makeup artists who are backstage at every fashion show and every photo shoot. But, it turns out that Victoria’s Secret actually does have a one-two punch of products that are designed to give your skin the same angelic glow that their models have.


Victoria’s Secret has tapped into the skin softening agents that are available in sea salts, and in their products they use, oh-so appropriately, pink sea salt. VS’s Smooth Me Over Exfoliating Body Polish is a wonderfully buttery scrub that softens as it works to exfoliate your skin, leaving it supple and super duper soft, just like an angel. But that’s only step one. To be a true angel, follow up the Body Polish with Victoria’s Secret Truly Pampered Deep Nourish Body Balm. This lightweight balm softens and refreshes your skin, leaving it nourished by sea minerals. Between the body polish and the balm your skin will not only be incredibly soft, but you’ll have that Victoria’s Secret Angel glow that we all love.

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  1. I am so excited to try this

  2. manda franco says:

    i wish this stuff worked for me

  3. Natalie Porter says:

    Love Vic’s Secret products!

  4. i will have to get some

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