Wrap Around the Mid-Finger Ring Trend

download (4)Jewelry has been around for so many thousands of years that anytime we can find a new way to wear it feels like we’ve reinvented the wheel. Then again, everything old is new again, right? So, even when we think we’ve hit upon some super cool new jewelry trend, it’s almost certainly been done before. But that’s the beauty of each new generation, everything is new to them. And when trendy young fashionistas everywhere began wearing mid-finger rings and the trend caught on like wildfire, a totally hip new trend was born…even if it’s most certainly been done before.


That doesn’t matter though. What matters is that right now the mid-finger ring is all the rage in the jewelry world. Mid-finger rings, as their name would imply, are worn in the middle of your finger instead of down at the bottom. These rings rest between the first and second knuckles, so many of them are rather dainty so you’re able to still use your hands without the rings getting in the way. Women have taken to wearing extremely thin and delicate bands in gold or silver in this mid spot on multiple fingers, others wear jeweled bands or thicker bands that take up almost all of the space between the two knuckles. Urban Outfitters is a fantastic place to check out this hot trend; you can find all sorts of beautiful and unique rings that you can use to fill every open spot on your fingers.

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  1. Sounds uncomfortable

  2. i tried this fad, but i lost the rings! they just don’t stay as well

  3. Natalie Porter says:

    I have some beautiful mid-finger rings

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