Brighten Up Your World with These 4 Gorgeous and Unconventional Lipstick Colors

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and display your own unique sense of style, nothing will do it quite as well as putting on some unconventionally colored lipstick.

Gold by Lipstick Queen

gold lipstick

This lipstick will make you look decidedly glamorous, especially if you have a bronze tan. The gold is not toooo far off the beaten path, so it doesn’t raise eyebrows, but it does turn heads. This lipstick will go great with your gold jewelry and will add a little pizzazz to your get-up.

Peacock by Lime Creek

peacock lipstick

If you want to go a little futuristic, try Peacock. The bold blue will definitely draw every eye in the room. Pair this color with natural tones and subtle clothes, perhaps a jolt of color in the sneakers or pumps, to let this lip color really work its magic. Throw a light colored gloss over it to tone down the blue and create a springy robin’s egg color.

Blow by Melt

Melt Cosmetics Photography by Danielle DeBruno

With green everywhere, why not put a little on your lips? Melt lipsticks are smooth and creamy to apply, so you will feel good trying out this shade. Rock it with some dark shades and you will look like a rockstar. As with the blue, keep the rest of your look toned down as opposed to matching so that you don’t give yourself a clownish appearance. Unconventional can still be hot, if you play your cards right.

Bitter Grape by Gucci

dark purple lipstick

Bitter grape is another just slightly unconventional lipstick that will not take a whole lot of guff to wear out of the house. The shade says “hello” but does not scream “look at me!” If you gloss it up it will shimmer, and you don’t have to worry about staying subtle with this shade. Go nuts and look fabulous.