Bring #CandyMinimal Into Your Wardrobe with These 4 Tips

#CandyMinimal is a movement that is breaking into the fashion scene, led by gorgeously posed pictures that have been posted on several social media platforms (especially Instagram). The idea behind #CandyMinimal is to simply combine pastel colors in a way that really makes the colors pop and bring beauty to absolutely any scene. The idea can be used for absolutely anything, from your home to your hair. Here, we talk some tips for bringing it to your wardrobe.

Combine on the Down Low

combine on DL

If you want the candy minimal look, but you aren’t comfortable going really bold, get a few pieces in super light pastel shades. This will allow you to get comfortable with the look and throw a few beautiful pastel pieces into your wardrobe that can be mixed and matched with other clothing. The gorgeous and subtle look will be sure to net you tons of compliments.

Purchase Pastel Pants

pastel pants

Pastel pants can help you get your candy minimal game started. You can pair pastel pants in any shade with white shirts for a pretty and springy look. Add a few pretty pastel blouses and pairs of shoes to get your candy minimal wardrobe going strong.

Buy a Rainbow of Shirts

pastel shirts

Buying a bunch of different styles and colors of pastel shirts will allow you to select the shirt that goes best for the occasion and will help you keep a sweet exuberance in your style all spring long. Pair your gorgeous shirts and blouses with jeans, shorts, pencil skirts, miniskirts, and slacks to up the ante on your candy minimal fashion sense.

Accessorize with Candy Minimal

candy minimal accesories

You can keep your outfit neutral and still show some candy minimal love with your accessories. A mint green purse coupled with ultra light pink lipstick, some pastel purple sunglasses, even socks or boots in pastel hues can compliment your look and make it all candy minimal.