James Franco’s Floral Instas Will Make You LOL – and Seriously Consider Buying Some Floral for These 3 Reasons

James Franco is a comedic genius and is not afraid to use his Instagram account to make us laugh. He has a self-deprecating sense of humor and there’s no telling what silly shenanigans he will be pulling next. Last Wednesday, he took to Insta to express his excitement that summer is here – with a hilarious photo of himself in a floral bra top, matching short shorts, and a rose … [Read more...]

3 Ways Thrifting Has Changed the Fashion Scene

The fashion scene is a little different now than it was 20 years ago. An economic recession and environmental consciousness have worked together with changing tastes and trends to bring about the rise of thrifting. Thrifting is no longer a practice reserved for frugal grannies, but an activity joyfully participated in by roaming bands of fashion-forward young men and women. … [Read more...]

4 Super Stylish Outfit the Dutchess of Cambridge Rocked During Her Eastern Travels

Kate Middleton is ever stylish, but she really turned up the volume on her tour through India. Every day was a new adventure in fashion as well as life as she made her way through trying archery, playing cricket, and attending events. She looked exuberant and radiant, while showcasing some seriously gorgeous dresses and jewelry. Bhutanese Dress for Bhutanese Archery The … [Read more...]