Dark Days: Tasteful Beauty Tips for Funerals

Going to a funeral is difficult, especially if you were very close to the person that passed away. Figuring out the acceptable dress and makeup can add an extra layer of discomfort and stress. Taking the steps to make yourself look presentable while honoring your lost loved one can help to get you moving and make you feel a little better, though. Seeing all of your family and friends there in their best, honoring your loved one can also help to ease the pain and provide some comfort. The following are a few tips that can help to make your struggle easier when trying to figure out what to wear and how to do your makeup.

Wear Black – But It Doesn’t Have To Be All Black

funeral dress

Black is the acceptable funeral garb, but wearing a dress that is mainly black or a nice black blouse with different color pants is totally acceptable. If you don’t have anything black, a dark color like dark grey or dark blue will also work.