eShakti Customizes Clothes for You


eShakti is changing the way that shopping works. Instead of having to try on a boatload of different styles and sizes and settle for the one that you like the most, eShakti actually lets you customize. While this is amazing for the fit factor, it is also wonderful for the little accents, like whether you prefer a plunging neckline or a modest neckline with a collar.

Customizing Tool

When you select an article of clothing that you like, eShakti brings you to a screen where you then select exactly how you want it to fit. You can give your exact measurements so that the shirt, pants, dresses, or jackets fit you perfectly. The customizing tool even asks how much space between your shoulder and bust point, shoulder and waist, and shoulder and knee to make allowances for longer or shorter torsos and legs. After your measurements, a few questions are asked about the style elements and you are ready to order your perfectly customized new item!

Huge Selection with Affordable Pricing

In spite of the amazing customization options, eShakti doesn’t limit the selection that you can order. There are dozens of each type of article of clothing to choose from in a variety of styles and colors. There is even a whole page devoted to little black dresses, so you can pick you perfect dress to keep around for any occasion. With the selection available, eShakti has something for everyone.

Wedding Planning

eShakti even makes wedding planning easy. There is a nice selection of different wedding dresses to choose from and plenty of bridesmaid dresses to make your affair perfect. The dresses are priced at very competitive rates and can be customized right on the site, so your dresses can be easily taken care of with no further hassle. This can take a huge load off when you are trying to put a wedding together!