Fashion for the Feet

Ladies, I have no doubt that you’re working those sandals as much as possible this summer to show off that beautiful pedicure. That’s what summer is for, many of us live in places where we can only wear flip flops a few months out of the year and we want to have all the summer fun we can in them. When it comes time to dress up and hit the town, though, flip flops might not cut it. If you want to look more club fierce than beach casual, consider these trendy hot shoe styles.

Of course you cannot go wrong with wedge heels in the summer. From macramé high-heeled espadrilles to patent leather, there’s a wedge heeled shoe for every occasion. Most are strappy or open-toed as well, to still give that summer feel.

A dressier style this summer comes in the form of shoes with a very pointed, metal toe. Reminiscent of the steel toe cap on men’s work boots, this look when applied to women’s shoes adds a glamorous shot of bling to any flat or heel.

A new range in colors is also hot for summer dress shoes. Transparent vinyl shoes have been popping up more often, and pastels are big this year as well. These look great with color blocked outfits or floral dresses.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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