Hot Summer Hairstyle – How to Rock a Top Knot

Get in on this hairstyle that is fast and easy, but still looks chic and stylish. In the heat of summer updos are always a good thing to get that hot hair off your neck. Your summer solution is here, ladies, in the form of the top knot bun.
The style is so simple to achieve. Simply pull your hair up into a pony on top of your head, then wrap the pony around and pin it into a bun. Variations on this look range from tight and neat, reminiscent of a ballerina look, to loose and messy with a big bun. Placement also varies – a more classic look for a large, loose top knot is worn toward the back at the crown of the head. A tight ballerina look is often worn right in the center of top of the head, while a very edgy top knot look can be created at the front of the head, just above the forehead.
Style your hair when wet, pulling it into a slick pony and coiling it tightly for a formal look. Or, pull it into a loose pony and braid it for a large woven top knot. Play around with the look to find what works best for your style and face shape.

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