How to Stay Warm and Stylish this Winter


Staying warm while still looking cute is a dilemma that has hounded fashionistas for ever. It is possible to find the perfect mix of chic and coziness, however. When in doubt, layer and cover all of the skin. You are better off being able to un-layer when the time is right than finding yourself freezing when it is too late to go back for another piece of clothing.

Leggings to the Rescue

Leggings are a go to fashion right now, but they can serve an extremely helpful function during the winter. Since leggings are skin tight, you can fit them underneath your jeans for double protection. This will keep your legs nice and toasty. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t need to go outside for a while, you can shed either the leggings or the jeans and stay cozy as can be. If you don’t want to go with jeans, leggings work just as well under certain styles of yoga pants and most dresses and skirts of all shapes and sizes.

Warm Form-Fitting Dress

Some dresses are made to help you make it through the chilly temps while still keeping your figure. Try a solid-colored long-sleeved beauty that accentuates your curves but doesn’t leave your skin exposed. Go pastel or off-white for daytime functions or dark and colorful for nightlife. Pair it with some cute boots and a slimming, long coat to follow through with your style and comfort.

Go Wild with Scarves and Beanies

Scarves and beanies are in and can add flair to your outfit. Pair patterned scarves with boring, solid colored outfits to up the ante on the duds. Add a splash of color with a bright beanie if your coat and the rest of your ensemble is plain black or grey. Mix and match and have fun!