James Franco’s Floral Instas Will Make You LOL – and Seriously Consider Buying Some Floral for These 3 Reasons

James Franco is a comedic genius and is not afraid to use his Instagram account to make us laugh. He has a self-deprecating sense of humor and there’s no telling what silly shenanigans he will be pulling next. Last Wednesday, he took to Insta to express his excitement that summer is here – with a hilarious photo of himself in a floral bra top, matching short shorts, and a rose garland on his head. The silly picture is absolutely fantastic, but may have you actually considering buying floral for a few reasons.

He Looks Amazing

james franco floral

James Franco is definitely in great shape, as evidenced by his trim tummy, sculpted arms, and perfectly toned legs. The fit is actually flattering and makes the pattern look good. The garland on his head is also awesome and manages to make his tousled hair look sexy, which could probably be pulled off with quite a few messy hair looks.