Lily-Rose Depp Will Appear in Spring Issue of Love Magazine


The fashion-forward magazine “Love” has done it again. The editor-in-chief Katie Grand has made great decisions about what faces will appear in the magazine before, being among the first to discover the Hadids and the Jenners and now she has decided to springboard Johnny Depp’s daughter’s career. Lily-Rose was already Instagram famous with about 1.2 million followers and has walked red carpets before, but this should be a real taking off point for her career.

Poppy Cover for a Rising Teen Star

The “Love” cover is perfectly suited to the 16-year-old Lily-Rose. The cover is done in bright tones with doodling all over it. Lily-Rose herself is done up in exuberant colors that are just as over-the-top as any young teen could hope for. The cover is tasteful and while Lily-Rose is all made up, the cover doesn’t sexualize her or take away from her youthful charms.

Lily-Rose’s Other Endeavors

While Love is the first magazine to pick up Lily-rose in a big way, this isn’t exactly her only gig. She has done a Chanel eyewear campaign already, a huge accomplishment for an aspiring model. The rising star also graced the pages of Vogue Paris and Oyster. While she isn’t totally being discovered fir the first time, the Love issue should be a big break for her, catapulting her into the spotlight for good this year.

Lily-Rose’s Spread

Lily-Rose’s spread was shot by Willy Vanderperre. Hopefully, the spread will showcase a bit more of her natural beauty, which is not allowed to shine through the over bright tones that she is made up with on the cover. The magazine will be released on February 8th.