New York Fashion Week Predictions

zoolander-2New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow and the excitement is palpable. The fashion show will run for the next eight days, showcasing some of the world’s hottest designers. VFiles and Trademark will kick things off and Marc Jacobs will conclude the presentations next week. While we don’t know exactly what will happen this week, it is sure to be a lot of fun.

Kim Kardashian Strutting Her Stuff

Kim Kardashian will be making an appearance at New York Fashion Week, her first since baby number two, Saint West, came into the world. Kim will be wearing something from Kanye’s new line, keeping it in the family. Kanye’s presentation features Kim as an integral part, so it will be interesting to see what the power couple has cooked up.

Zoolander 2 Inspiration?

With Zoolander 2 in theaters, there are sure to be some nods to the fashionable, over-the-top comedy. The movie is chuck-full of stars that are likely to also be at New York Fashion Week, so we may even get to see someone come out in character to traipse the runway. What fun!

David Bowie Nods

With the passing of the beloved singer and fashion icon David Bowie, we may get to see some Bowie-inspired madness. The glam glitter and shimmery outfits are perfectly in-line with the bright colors and futuristic themes right now, so some Bowie-esque fashions would certainly not be out of place. Skin tight outfits with matching colorful make-up and wild hair? I’m sure we’ll see it all at least once.

90s Trends

The 90s styles are back with a vengeance. This means dark lipstick, chokers, and Doc Martens. The shimmery make-up goes with the rest of the trends right now, but it also happens to fit conveniently with the other 90s come backs. Denim jackets are also seeing the light of day again, so we should see some of those matched with bright, colorful leggings.