Suits Are Big Business This Fall

Women hit the workforce in a serious way in the ’70s and by the 1980s they also decided to dress the part in order to compete with men in the corporate world. The woman’s power suit was born. And while the giant shoulder pads on jackets done in bright neon colors may have gone the way of the banana clip, women’s business suits seem to have stuck around to become a classic look.

Suits are back in a big way for women in the fall of 2012. Anne Klein leads the way as one designer who knows how to make a gorgeous suit to fit nearly any woman for any situation and at an affordable price point. This fall Klein offers suits that have very feminine touches, while still having a distinct feel of a menswear look. Suit jackets that are dark, conservative and traditionally masculine have been given one button in the middle, for example, adding a clearly womanly detail.

Flared pants are big with suits for women this fall, and many of Klein’s suits feature well-tailored jackets pants that show off a woman’s curves but are still quite conservative and send a clear message that you mean business.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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