3 Fashion Fails You Should NOT Take Away from Prada’s Spring 2017 Show

Prada’s Spring 2017 show in Milan was entertaining and fabulous, with rainbow lighting, chrome, and mirrors making it a feast for the eyes. The stage was designed beautifully, so models walked out onto the runway, past the audience, turned, and then walked up a ramp and back offstage. Unfortunately, the fashions were bizarre, with the models looking more like college kids off … [Read more...]

How to Tell If a Fashion Trend is Out of Style

We talk a lot about fashion trends her on IST, what’s new, what’s in, what’s hot, what the newest celebs are wearing. However, one thing that we really haven’t discussed is how to tell if a fashion trend is out. Trends come and go very quickly sometimes and it can be hard to give up your favorites. However, it is always an advantage to know what’s hot and what’s not. Is the … [Read more...]