Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Helps with Winter Skin


During the winter in most places, all humidity gets sucked out of the air. This can leave the air uncomfortably dry. Coupled with blowing winds, your skin may soon be flaking and unattractive. Vaseline spray & go moisturizer can help moisturize your skin in seconds with none of the sticky residue that other moisturizers leave. Best of all, the convenient spray bottle only costs about $7.50 and can be purchased right at your local Walgreens or most other drug stores.

Use Right after the Shower

Most moisturizers are a hassle to use after the shower. You have to wait until your skin is completely dry to apply moisturizer or else it will ball up on your skin or take forever to rub in. It may also leave a heavy, wet, or tacky feeling that can stay with you all day. Vaseline spray & go moisturizer can be sprayed on skin right after a quick towel dry and will absorb within 10 seconds. The moisturizer will leave skin feeling soft, you simply have to hold the can about four inches away from the skin to spray, then rub it in and the residue feeling is gone.

Sensational Scent

Vaseline spray & go is called Cocoa Radiant for a reason. The delightful moisturizer smells like coconut, giving you a little bit of tropical essence during the cold, dry months. Spray & go can also be found in Total Moisture and Aloe Fresh varieties for those that do not love the smell of coconut. These more neutral scents are good for the whole family.

Try Vaseline spray & go moisturizers if you have been let down by other moisturizers when you need them the most. This moisturizer is awesome.