What is Ulta Doing Right?


The beauty store Ulta has exploded on the scene and is drawing in customers like nobody’s business. In an era when most beauty stores are closing their doors and customers have more online options than ever before, the brand’s unlikely success is even more underlined. One visit to Ulta is all it takes to see how Ulta is breaking away from the norm and opening new brick and mortar stores at a staggering rate.

A Beauty Store for the Modern Age

Ulta stores have a modern design and eye-appealing way of displaying their merchandise that makes it enticing to walk through, easy to browse, and interesting enough to stay in for a while. Not only are the set-ups arranged in a fresh way, the products that are offered are cutting edge and on point. The brands that are offered are the latest and trendiest and the newest products are available to try, inspect, and buy.

High Quality Products

Ulta also goes the extra mile when it comes to quality. While other beauty stores work to bring customers low prices, Ulta focuses instead on bringing the best of the best out in the open. Customers expect to pay more, but know that they are getting the best of the best. This approach works perfectly with the economy and expectations at this juncture.

Diverse Options

Ulta is much larger than most beauty stores and has exponentially more selections than the beauty section at any retail stores. The wide range of diverse options helps to draw crowds, as customers know that they do not have to settle for a beauty product that isn’t perfect for them. The huge variety of different types of products ensure that they will most likely be able to browse until the products they choose are exactly what they are looking for.